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Grew up in Minisink, NY playing mostly Country, Rock, Hip-Hop and House Music at local house parties before venturing out into the nightlife scene, where he now plays many Rock vs Hip-Hop Blends, Mashups, Funk, Country and many different House sub Genres. Dukes presently plays throughout the Hudson Valley, Yonkers and NYC areas at many different popular nightlife venues. His style of play is “Open Format” incorporating a wide variety of genres in one night to entertain all ages and diversities. Always practicing his turntablism abilities and implementing different Cuts and scratches into his sets to keep things interesting and on a “wow” factor which Led him to being the Official DJ for the Clean Culture car shows throughout the Country. Along with many other car shows in the tri-state area. Also a member of the ClubBender DJs where the famed “Get Bent” slogan initiated. Just let the music develop and you will enjoy your night!

Instagram  @DjDukesMusic
Twitter  @DjDukesMusic
SnapChat @TheDukesStory

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